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After 6 Months Of Plunge, New Home Sales Rebound In The United States
The strength of the new home market has surprised analysts. But the rebound may not last with home rates soaring.
February 21, 2019
Buying The Walls Of A Home But Not The Land: A Device That Is Emerging In France
The real joint lease, which allows to dissociate the land from the building during a sale, is gradually developing.‍
February 21, 2019
When Some Companies Can No Longer Recruit Because Of Soaring Real Estate Prices
The high prices of the real estate accentuate the difficulties of recruitment of the companies and touch from now on "the whole of the sectors", affirms to the AFP Bruno Arcadipane, president of the organization Action Logement, co-managed by employers and trade unions.
February 21, 2019
In The Former, The Increase In Real Estate Prices Starts To Slow Down (a Little)
In the second quarter, the increase in the prices of old real estate has known a slowing down. Over one year, however, the progression still remains at 6.8%.
February 21, 2019
Thanks To The Stock Market And Real Estate, Household Wealth Jumped In 2022
Last year, gross household wealth rose by 7.5% to 16,530 billion euros.
February 21, 2019